Bee Pollen – Whole Grain Bee Pollen granules, 500mg in one capsule.

MRP: $14.95 – $16.95 Minimum 1 case (12 bottles).

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Ingredients – The active ingredients:

Bee Pollen – 500mg from pure whole grain bee pollen granules

The capsule shell is gelatin and the only other ingredient is filtered water.

Benefits – There are many associated health benefits with bee pollen, the most common of which are energy, stamina, allergy regulation and weight loss. There’s a good deal of clinical research into the benefits of bee pollen products and we recommend you familiarize yourself with their benefits to assist with in-store promotions.
Marketing – Bee Pollen

You can purchase in-store rack-cards for Bee Pollen and other bee products and these rack cards can be customized to show your store contact details.

The main points to promote with this products are:

1 – Whole grain bee pollen granules in a capsule. Most manufacturers use powdered pollen, we retain ours in its raw granular state.

2 – High Potency product – 500mg of active ingredient in only one capsule.

3 – Associated with a wide range of benefits – energy, stamina, allergies, weight loss and much more

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